Top 5 New-Age Clothing Designers/Artists Selling with Gen-Z

The Generation Z is very interested in graphics and digital designs. The pop up colors, illustrations and various vibrant themes fascinate this generation. Themes of cosmos, outer space, and other trippy subjects are of interest to them in fashion and other lifestyle aspects.

The prints and designs highlighting such themes on clothes are in demand these days. The artists and designers are creating clothes while focusing on the interests of young generation to provide them a wide range of choices.

Here are top 5 new age clothing designers and artists selling with young folks.


Guifre Urgell Tasies is an interior designer and self-taught illustrator. Specialized in geometry and mandalas, Guifre creates brilliant and captivating designs which are later printed on the clothing items.

Mens Tshirt Back_1

The artist blends interior designing and illustration together to apply his drawings into spaces creating special moods with unique vibes in each style.

The offbeat and vibrant designs by Guifre’s Yantrart Design are very popular with young people. They give a unique style statement with various mandala designs and geometrical shapes revealed in lively shades.


Cameron Gray is an Australian artist known primarily as a visionary graphic artist. He has a keen interest in Graphic design, photography, painting, and multimedia design. He creates scenes of human potential depicting lives with deeper emotions of love and empathy.

His Parable Visions has revolutionized the digital art with his bespoke designs of celestial visions and cosmic animations. He creates divine visuals of human potential while perfectly blending the aspects of light and dark into harmony.


Haarstrich Design based in Hannover, Germany, creates beautiful designs using natural elements as subjects, philosophy and various drawing forms are among others. The passion of drawing and painting helps in expressing the emotions through variety of individual styles and themes.

Ancient sacred patterns, cosmoses, elements of nature are frequently occurring themes on Haarstrich Design’s clothing patterns. The vibrant colors and mesmerizing profound subjects on textile are very attractive.

4. Core 222

William James Taylor junior is a self-taught artist from America who created Core222, a shopping site for all his designs and art. William has been working in various styles, digital, traditional and photography.

The psychedelic graphic designs on clothes are very radiant with fascinating patterns of space and geometry. His designs look flawless on hoodies and sweatshirts with lively and bright colors.


The graphic designer and digital illustrator from Colombia has been interested in animation, spiritual and inspirational art.

His Buddha T-shirts and mandalas look amazing on clothes. Other themes that MCAshe art works on are Chakras, Yantra and deities of Hindu mythology which immediately catch the attention.

Designers are trying to bring out the various factors of fascinating themes such as astrology, fantasy, space, outer world species, and trippy elements on the fabric to entice the new age people. The unique patterns and designs on the clothing are very appealing to the young generation, as they not only look different but provide a distinct sense of individuality to the users’.