Stylish hoodie design themes that’ll make you a trendsetter

Fashion industry is one of the largest across the globe. Trends come and go every now and then. But sometimes some stick for a while longer than the others as they appeal to the people and their styling sense. The trends change according to the generations and the seasons as well.

Winter season is approaching and hoodies are all-time favorite clothing for this season. Be it zip up hoodies or plain hoodies, people love this item for their to-go look. Hoodies don’t require much effort and are easily available. The only requirement that is not met with very often is a unique trendsetter hoodie.

Clothing brand, Hoodielab creates unique handmade hoodies that will make you a trendsetter. This brand envisions to transform art into premium all over print clothing.

Compiling various modern themes, here are some trendsetter stylish hoodie designs from Hoodilab.

1. Astrology

Astrology is not some latest theme. It has been around from time immemorial and has piqued curiosity among people of all generations alike. But it has not been present on your clothing that much. Hoodielab brings you an exquisite range of Astrology hoodies that are a definite trendsetter.

Intricately designed and handcrafted Astrology hoodies displaying various zodiac signs with beautiful designs are inquisitive and soothing in sight.

2. Trippy

The trippy subjects have been very subtle in the past, but the popularity has gained momentum since last few years. Trippy themes on hoodies arouse a sense of awe in the beholder. It sets you apart from the crowd and makes you a trendsetter.

Geometrical patterns and religious themes blended with modern themes surely make you a pacesetter in the new age fashion world.

3. Space

The human civilization has been in awe of concepts of galaxy and space. The hallucinating images can make people gawk at your hoodie with high definition graphic print of space on it.

Bringing space onto your hoodies, pave the way toward trendy fashion and make people stare with awestruck expressions.

4. Fantasy

Fantasy is a widely loved subject regardless of age and gender. The escape from reality draw people near it and soothes the soul. Imagine your clothing filled with themes of fantasy, not only it would make you a trendsetter but mark your individuality in the crowd as well.

Wizards, dragons, mythical characters and creatures on hoodies look amazing.

5. Colorful

Who doesn’t like colorful hoodies with various images making a style statement? The colorful range of hoodies from Hoodielab soothes the eye and make your personality bold and bright.

The imprinted paintings, colorful doodles or colors spilled as in an abstract painting provide you with a distinct and offbeat fashion sense.

6. Animals

The animals imprinted on beautiful and cozy hoodies resembling your spirit are the best way to set a trend. Wolves, elephants, fox, cats, eagles, and owls look mesmerizing on these hoodies. They not only make you look different among the group but also depict your spirits.


The unique hoodies with various designs and styles that make you set a trend must possess something that others lack. Intricately designed geometric patterns, mandalas, animals, galactic substances, mythical subjects, trippy and colorful objects on hoodies would surely make your personality vibrant.