Top 5 Best Wolf Clothing design for 2019

When it comes to daily clothing, we are not only particular to the quality of the fabric, but also to its timelessness of style. Hoodielab has brought you variety of trending designs in the previous years that made a print in the fashion world. They produced long lasting quality garments, extremely comfortable to wear, innovative and stands out in any season.

This year, we will provide you with our favorite wolf designed clothing. We chose wolf design, for it showcases independence, strength and mystery. Our skilled artisans made it sure that there are variety of wolf designs you can chose from. Designs that are timeless, pleasant to the eyes, emphasizes a meaning, and shares a story. From tanks to t-shirts to sweaters and hoodies, we got it all for you.



Who doesn’t want a versatile clothing in our wardrobe? You probably know what I am talking about. Yes, it is the humble t-shirt. You may now have loads of them but it will never be complete if you don’t have the lone wolf t-shirt from hoodielab. The lone wolf design is one of the popular designs in our brand. Our skilled artisans does not only assures comfort and durability in our products, but also made it sure that it is useful and can match up with the present fashion demand. The design compliments independence and strength which is perfect for street fashion. It never gets old so you can wear it anytime of the year.



The popularity of hoodies just means that people embraces athleisure wear. This year, hoodielab uses an arctic wolf design to add – not just style but also an air of mystery. An arctic wolf design hoodie that illuminates the bravery and curiosity of the white wolf. This was recently introduced by hoodielab to bring together street style and effortlessness for casual wear of todays’ generation. This is definitely a staple for any season. Made from durable fabric and woven with style, this hoodie must have a space in your wardrobe.



As a spirit animal, the wolf serves as one of the bravest and most powerful animal in the forest. The white wolf tank top made by the talented artisans from Hoodie Lab was specially made for the summer period. It was printed with good quality of art and the white wolf at the center indicates how brave it is to stand alone in the middle of the forest. It describes how strong he/she is to face any trouble that’s coming anytime.



The tribal wolf sweat shirt from Hoodie Lab was impressively designed with a shape of wolf head with Native American patterns. These patterns symbolize hope and intent, and also to identify the roles and responsibilities of a certain person. Back then, many tribes are using these patterns to communicate with the Great Spirits in order to ask for guidance. The faded tribal design of the sleeve part of the sweatshirt makes it look more artistic and to promote tribal designs for clothing.



The neon tribal wolf zip-up hoodie is one of the most popular products in Hoodie Lab. It was specially made with a wolf figure but in a tribal form. For the Native Americans, the wolf symbolized as loyalty and perseverance. For this hoodie, the neon color that has been used for this graphic adds more attraction and coolness to the person who wore it. The pitch black color of this hoodie compliments perfectly with the design making it look braver just like how a tribe protects themselves and their properties against the enemies.



To complete your wolf collection, get this premium Hooded Wolf pack blanket. It is handmade with 100% polyester Sherpa lining with ultra smooth layer. This surely can give you the best comfort during cold nights. And because of its beautiful design, you can flaunt outdoors. Bring it with during camping, or use it for cover when you decided to have a morning walk on the beach. You have nothing to worry when you expose this blanket outside because it is strong and durable.