Top 10 Hooded Blanket with Cool Designs

With the unending competitions of different designs for blankets, I have gathered the most in amazing and not “so common” designs . These 10 hooded blankets has the coolest because each of them tells a story and will never get old. Check them out!

Myths, urban legends, and beliefs entwines a place or even a country. It is what makes each country unique. A popular mythical creature is the dragon. It is seen as a creature with wings, horns, four-legs and a serpent-like skin. The meaning of a dragon depends on the country and culture. For some, it brings good fortune. Others, it is just a monster that delights in human flesh. Hoodie Lab’s Ancient Dragon Blanket will take you to the Middle Ages. Do you ever wonder what it’s like living with the dragons?

What comes into your mind when you hear the word ‘Aurora’? Maybe a name of a princess with a happy ever after story. However, Hoodie Lab’s Aurora Blanket is an enchanting display of the Aurora Borealis or polar lights in layman’s term. For those who thinks seeing the display of Aurora is impossible, just grab an Aurora Blanket to keep you warm and indulge yourself in gazing to the lights.

Old movies will give you that nostalgic feeling of emotions you thought you’ve forgotten, yet somehow, a movie will bring every memory back. All the fun and adventure childhood brought. Even anger and pain. Despite the flashbacks, you’d still be thankful surpassing everything. The Fear and Loathing Blanket is inspired from an iconic movie of the same title that was shot in Las Vegas. Hoodie Lab gives you an assurance that you will never feel anger with our blanket but only warmth and comfort.


Beauty of the Ancient Blur Blanket of Hoodie Lab is not just about quality and comfort. It will give you that calmness and Hindu vibe with its design. Aside from being one of the primary colors, blue also means sad. But blue is also the sky and the sea covering mostly of earth’s atmosphere. So if you feel wanting to be close with nature, just grab our Beauty of the Ancient Blue Blanket.


Cats and camouflage? Who can ever think combining these two designs? Of course! The geniuses of Hoodie Lab with our Catmouflage Blanket. Cats is all about rebirth and resurrection but it is also associated with something hidden and mysterious. Camouflage on the other hand, is a disguise frequently used by the military. So if you are into being mysterious, Hoodie Lab’s Catmouflage Blanket is perfect for you.


Crisp and crunchy leaves, hot drinks, and cosy clothes are just some of the perks of Autumn. You will be delighted seeing the colors of this season. But if it’s not autumn and you want to get stuck in that season, feel free to avail Hoodie Lab’s Autumn Leaves Blanket. Perfect for that cool feeling and experiencing the perks of Autumn.


The Misty Forest hooded blanket are made with mesmerizing design at the bottom part. This hooded blanket is perfect for people who loves to spend a night in a misty forest. Having such outdoor activities may sound dangerous but there are still people who can find peace and comfort in the chilly nights at the forest. In this product, the misty forest is printed in a color white background and at the bottom part of the blanket, which gives more emphasis to the mist design. It was carefully made by the talented artisans of Hoodie Lab who loves the misty weather as well.


Aside from cutie and aesthetic design, the hoodie lab is also capable of providing hooded blankets with a deep meaning of art. The Gratitude for the Earth and Sky hooded blanket comes with a bold statement about bringing the brightness and darkness as one. This artwork was made with different shade of blue color making the design more fascinating. The colors are very much helpful in giving emphasis to the smaller details of the design. The talented artisans from hoodie lab assures to have the same design just like the original painting, perfectly.


The hyper waves hooded blanket is one of the most amazing blanket with the coolest design ever. With its color blue and orange combination, the wave patterns became fiercer and more powerful. The hoodie lab specially made this blanket for people who appreciates music from the radio. At the center of the art, there’s a mandalas pattern which seems like to be the origin of the waves being scattered evenly around the blanket. The touch of pink and violet color adds more beauty and emphasis to the main colors used in the artwork. With the help of the black background as well, it made everything perfect.


Galaxy design has been so popular these days. It was even applied in the phone casings, bag packs and now, the hoodie lab produced something even better. The Lush Galaxy hooded blanket comes with a mesmerizing artwork that will surely give you comfort and peace. The printed design surely looks real as if you’re really sleeping in the vast area of the galaxy. This blanket perfect for people who are having a hard time to get the rest they actually because the gifted artisans from hoodie lab made sure that the design of this blanket will calm the nerves of those who will use it.