7 Hoodies To Represent Your Spirit Animal

Our world was created magically with different creatures unique from each other. We share our lives and we even have a personal connection to some of them.
From the slow-moving lifestyle of a sloth to the fast and energetic lifestyle of a cheetah, they all have their unique ways of living.
In our homes, we enjoy the company of our pets. Treating our cats and dogs as part of our family.
We still believe and connect with mythical creatures of the past. Some of us still believe the reincarnation to animals. We envision some animals on our dreams, called totems. Then find the meaning of those dreams or simply finding the message that they want to tell us. It could also be a representation of wisdom, courage, and peace. Sometimes we believe that the animal on our dreams represents who we are.
Whatever spirit animal we may be, think of it with art. We have here 10 art-inspired animals-themed hoodies that represent our spirit animal.


The lion is the animal representation of zodiac sign Leo. If it is your spirit animal, you have a relentless personality of being king of the jungle. Lions are powerful animal Leader of his pack. Good looking and tyrannical. Your roaring style is perfect with this King of Lions Hoodie that will embrace your inner fierce.


Cats are mysterious especially that It is always misinterpreted as an element of witches. However, cat as a spirit animal is an explorer of the unknown. Think independently and strong in its ways. They may be sometimes playful in its field but naturally sweet in personality. This Cool Galaxy Cat is the perfect hoodie for all your cats. 


Pandas are lovable and huggable creatures. Just how people love and embrace the movie Kung-Fu Panda. It shows it’s funny and strong inner self. As a spirit animal, pandas are a representation of strength, determination, and tranquility. This Astronaut Pals Hoodie of two friends getting lifted out in space is best for you.


An owl is always a representation of knowledge and wisdom. If your spirit animal is an owl. It means you are knowledgeable and will always be on the right path. Keen on every detail and even see the beauty of the dark. You don’t let ignorance put you down. Always thinking ahead, bundled and armored with the knowledge of your chosen field. This artful Owl Language Hoodie will fit your intelligent personality.


A unicorn is a mystical creature, special and beautiful. They are magical and usually appears on fairy tails and dreams. When you dream about unicorn symbolize a fantasy or something you wish for in life is unattainable. As a spirit animal, you always think positive. Represent innocence and loyalty. Vibrant as rainbow and shining a star, this unicorn spew hoodie is perfect for you.


Fox is smart and intelligent usually tough and unpredictable. Observant and can see through the deception. Focused on its task and great thinkers. They are sometimes humorous and full of wisdom. If Fox is your animal spirit then you will be great in this Fox Hoodie which represents your depth. Beautiful and swift.


As a spirit animal, elephants are symbols of wisdom and medicine. They are connected to nature and unique in its ability to walk upright which represents knowledge in a higher perspective. The bear represents a warrior spirit, prosperity, and harvest. Elephants also have soft and positive sides. With their relationship to their family, they are devoted, strict, sensitive and protective. This elephants mandala Hoodie represents a beauty and depth.

Did you find your animal? Is it that cute little bird, an elusive deer, enormous elephant, big cat-like tiger,