It’s the beginning of the end of a decade and time to rethink our fashion statements. No matter what we do, there are a few things that we need to figure out before deciding on our fashion mantra 2020. 

We’d prefer our new year to be a lot less messy, so much more stylish and a hell lot of exciting and colorful. What comes to your mind when you think about comfortable, trendy and relevant forever? There’s one answer to all these questions and that is ‘a Hoodie’. It’s the kind of clothing item that’s perfect for a movie night with pals, casual hang out with your guys and gals or even a date night. The biggest plot twist here is that you can even wear these with a blazer or a formal coat at a meeting to make big business deals. 

1- Catmouflage Hoodie

Catmouflage Hoodie

Its time to make your love for the cats public. Make your cat super happy by wearing this cute yet trendy Catmouflage Hoodie. And not just that, this hoodie is the perfect answer to a widely asked question; “Are you a dog person or a cat person?

2- Colorful Alien Hoodie

At one point or the other in our lives, we have all been fascinated by Aliens, right? The stories about how they have the most amazing rockets and space ships were so fascinating. So hurry! Opt for this super cool, stylish & colorful Alien hoodie. 

3- Divine Om Hoodie

Bring out your spiritual side and opt for this Divine Om hoodie. The graphic print on this one depicts a connection between the universe and human beings. Just like that, this gorgeous hoodie aims to strengthen your bond with fashion. 

4- Tree of Life DNA Hoodie

Have you been curious about the evolution of life? If yes, then this Tree of Life DNA Hoodie is the answer to all your questions. We strongly believe that if every person can have a unique set of DNA then why can’t we have a distinct fashion statement.

5- Viking Hoodie

This Viking hoodie has so many meanings to it. It’s all set to depict your Scandinavian background or even your love for the exciting tv series ‘Vikings”. But mostly we’re interested in it’s super funky and will make you feel extremely comfortable. 

6- Dark Red Geometric Hoodie

Who would have thought that shapes can get this exciting? There’s no cooler way to bring such a regular thing to life and make it look super trendy. The pattern of the graphic print is so smooth that you won’t be able to keep your eyes off of this one.

7- Three Eyed Owl Hoodie

This hoodie will never fail to catch the attention and grab you some sweet compliments for you. We’re sure that all the night owls out there can relate to this hoodie. Also, the ease by which this hoodie fulfills all the fashion requirements is simply amazing. 

8- Dreamstate Hoodie

This hoodie is straight out of a dream and there is no exaggeration in that statement. The graphic print on the hoodie shows a figure in a creepy dream state. The artist behind this design made sure to come up with something crazy yet exciting. 

9- Colorful Stan Hoodie

If you’re looking for a hoodie with the most accurate graphic prints, this is the right place for you. The colorful stan hoodie is a piece of art because of its charismatic outlook, skillful stitching, and smooth fabric. 

10- Sea of Satta Hoodie

We dedicate this hoodie to a well-known location on the Tokaido highway. It’s all about trees, lakes & blue skies and who doesn’t love that? Get a taste of purity with this sea of Satta hoodie and declare your love for nature. 

11- Haunted Dream Hoodie

The design on this one might be a haunted one but we assure you that once you wear it, it’s all about elegance and style. The equally gorgeous front and the backside is something you need in your wardrobe straight away.

12- Dark Forest Hoodie

The team at hoodielab brings to you this unique and extraordinary print. This dark forest design is guaranteed to make your 2020 a little more spunky. The illusion might give you creeps, beware!

13- Ancient Dragon Zip-Up Hoodie

Hello to all the gamers out there. We know that you’ve been looking for ways to show your obsession with the ancient dragon. So here we are, with the stunning graphic print which is something to watch out for. 

14- Sacred Owl Zip-Up Hoodie

Let the sacred owl enlighten us about the fashion this season. The most intriguing design and patterns on the hoodie make you crave for it. So don’t resist the urge to opt for it.

15- Lego Zip-Up Hoodie

If I had to pick for one hoodie for an entire season, it would be this. So many things to love about it; the color combination, zipper closure, and the legos. How can one not want it?

16- Big Banana Zip-Up Hoodie

You came here for the most unusual designs and we provide you with that. The big banana hoodie is something you need to add to your things to buy a list asap. 

17- Punisher Zip-Up Hoodie

It should be illegal to not own this hoodie. Black and white is such a classic combination and this stunning graphic print takes it up a notch. It’s definitely gonna help you raise your fashion standards. 

18- Cute Skulls Zip-Up Hoodie

Cute, scary, funny, creepy. A skull design has so many versions but you’re free to give it your own meaning. What matters the most is that it’s hip & happening look is ready to set you apart from the crowd.  

19- Black Lion Zip-Up Hoodie

Display the daring side of you in the most stylish way ever. The accuracy to which this graphic print has turned out to be is extraordinary. It’s time to upgrade your fashion wardrobe with this mesmerizing and exciting hoodie. 

20- Black Hole Zip-Up Hoodie

The more you look at it, the more it gets intriguing. The illusion of a never-ending deep hole grabs the attention instantly. Color combination and the level of comfort all have been kept in mind while crafting this one.