Top 5 Hoodies to Prepare for Fall

When the summer ends, the wind gets colder. The leaves in the trees starts to change their colors but some style remain constant. Just like the hoodie that never gets old. It is the same casual and comfortable hooded sweatshirt that never lost its popularity. It is a fashion item that everyone need to have no matter what season it is.

So, for all hoodie enthusiasts, Hoodielab presents the top 5 hoodies to prepare for fall. It is designed to keep you in tune with the season. Because we believe that keeping warm and comfortable this fall does not need to be totally devoid of style. So check out the following list and grab the best hoodie to prepare for fall.

1. Autumn Leaves Hoodie

Autumn leaves hoodie was perfectly designed for the fall. The leaves that are printed on all over the hoodie looks real and lively. But when does the autumn season appear? The autumn season appears between summer and winter when the temperature gradually decreases. This period was defined as autumnal equinox. It is the time where leaves fall from trees. Just like the leaves falling from an autumn tree, the design printed on this hoodie looks real and adds freshness to those who wear it. The Hoodie Lab aims to produce hoodies with this kind of design in order to satisfy customers who loves the autumn season. This hoodie is specially made from environmental-friendly material and 100% organic cotton for good comfort and, soft polyester blend making it durable and long lasting.

2.Ancient Dragon Hoodie

In China, ancient dragons are considered as positive light that brings fortune to the people. It specifically related with providing rains and water resources for a better life. The ancient dragon hoodie made by Hoodie Lab was specially made with respect to the literature. These designs made by the talented artisaíns were all detailed and elegant bringing more fashion to it. The ancient dragons are considered as the most optimistic year signs among the twelve. This ancient dragon hoodie is one of the most popular product from Hoodie Lab. This is specially made with pure organic cotton to keep the user comfortable and warm. It is also made from polyester blend that makes this hoodie resistant to shrinking and scarping. It is guaranteed handcrafted by skilled artisans with good quality graphic print making the positivity of the ancient dragons more realistic.

3. Dark Forest Hoodie

The design of this hoodie might remind you of the world of fantasy. There is a mystery in the dark forest; something eerie but beautiful. This is what our Dark Forest Hoodie is like – mysterious, eerie, but beautiful and fashionable. The Dark Forest Hoodie lets you celebrate the season of autumn and the beauty of nature while still keeping you comfortable and warm. Rest assured that this hoodie is made from eco-friendly and durable materials.


Just like the leaves fallen from the tree, this autumn hoodie from Hoodie Lab comes with vibrant colors. It was design with silhouette of trees but with bright colors as the background. It is one of the most popular hoodie from the collections of Hoodie Lab because the color itself compliments perfectly with the printed designs. The simplicity of this hoodie adds more elegance than those hoodies with exaggerated graphic prints. This autumn hoodie was handcrafted carefully by the talented artisans from Hoodie Lab and it is specially made for the Fall season. However, it’s still looks perfect not only the fall season but also in different periods of time.

5. Trees in the Fog Hoodie

Trees in fog at the middle of the night gives chills especially the cold ambiance that you can feel from it. The Hoodie Lab with their talented artisans designed the trees in the fog hoodie like it’s real. Unlike the rain, the fog spreads out through the trees horizontally and not vertically. The design printed on the entire surface of the hoodie was handcrafted and placed properly. This trees in the fog hoodie is very popular among the aesthetic teenagers because the graphics are not too much to take unlike the other hoodies with so much designs.

So there it is! Our top 5 best collection of hoodies to prepare for fall.