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WHolesale and bulk ordering

Whether you are looking to mix and match Hoodie Lab products for yourself or your store, or you would like resell our products on your online store, we have the best offers for you….

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Get more % off when you order in bulk. We make it easy for you to have large custom orders for any event. From your first order to thousands of items per month. No matter what the volume, we have your back.

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Sell our brand with confidence! All of our products are designed and engineered in Stockholm, Sweden and cut & sewn by our team of professionals.

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You are in safe hands with beloved. Our full cut & sew sublimation capabilities will surpass your expectations. We are here to boost your store with products that show unbeatable attention to detail.

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ready to join our wholesale program? 

and get discounts up to 70%! Apply in the form below


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