Share ANY product. Make 10% commission of every sale.


How does this program work?

We provide you a custom link and discount code. Your code offers viewers 10% Off their orders, and you receive a 10% commission of their order total.

Will you send me free clothes to wear?

You can quickly earn store credit on top of our base Commissions. After just $279.89 in total sales, we’ll send you $83.97 in store credit. Then the more you sell, the more free stuff you’ll earn.

How do you track my sales?

If a customer clicked your affiliate link or used your discount code, you receive credit for their order. You can view total sales on your personal Refersion dashboard after sign up.

What if someone clicks my link, but makes a purchase later?

We track anyone who clicks your link for 30 days. If they place an order within those 30 days – even without using your discount code – you’ll get credit for the sale.

When do I receive my commission?

Your commission is paid via PayPal within the first 10 days of the following month. For example, your January commission will be paid out within the first 10 days of February.

How can I earn extra rewards on top of my commission?

We track your lifetime sales and send you extra rewards when you hit certain checkpoints. Rewards include store credit, cash bonuses, partnered streamer status, and more

My question isn't on this page, how can I get an answer?

You can send an email to our affiliate support team [email protected]