“We set ourselves apart by curating original designs from talented independent artists from all over the world, and they earn money every time you shop.“

Step One


It all starts with the artwork you selected, which is created by independent artists form all over the world.

The designs that you chose will be printed using the newest technology in Sublimation printing. Our team will ensure the print is the correct size according to the size you selected.

Step Two


The artwork is printed using the newest technology, onto dye sublimating paper which we source from Europe. The inks we use are also sourced from Europe which is expensive but a high quality product.

The print room is a controlled environment and 24-hours a day 7-days a week needs to be kept at 23 degrees Celsius with 50% humidity; this exact environment is necessary for the inks to be absorbed in a timely and efficient manner into the paper.

Step Three


This part of the process consists of two sections; pattern making, and the cutting of the fabric into garment panels.

The unique pattern and grading software ensures that every size cut will always be exactly the same.

The cutting of the fabrics happens with the help of a state of the art cutting machine. This cutting machine is capable of cutting very accurately and this allows us to cut up to 1500 garments in an ordinary day.

Step Four


This is where the printed sublimation paper & fabric panels come together & the garment starts to come to life.

The sublimation paper roll is loaded on and then feed into the Heat Press, which is set at 210 degrees Celsius (this is the optimum temp for the paper & fabric we use). Simultaneously the fabric panels are then laid on top of the printed sublimation paper & under pressure/heat, the ink is transferred into the polyester fabric.

Once the fabric has passed though the press it is bundled up into sizes & then is ready to move onto the next step in the process which is sewing the garment together.

Step Five


Although technology has come a long way over the years, the sewing of garments is still a very tedious & labour intensive process. We have invested in sewing equipment that will help us complete the work as time efficient as possible, while also ensuring a high quality finish.

Our team of sewers are very experienced & been sewing/working in the industry on average for 15 years.

Final Step


Once the sewing is complete, the garments are then need to be finished off, ready for dispatch.

This process involves a few keys areas;

Trimming – all loose threads are removed from the garment.

Quality Control – all garments are inspected to ensure these meet our quality standards.

Pressing – all garments are pressed using an industrial steam press to ensure the finished product is presented to the highest possible standard.

Bagging – the garments are then folded, bagged, counted & then ready to be dispatched.